As amended September, 2012


I.  DEFINITIONS_____________________________________________________________________


     A.  Available Court – Courts available for play that has not been reserved.


    B.   Reserved Court – An “Available Court” that has been reserved within 7 days for its intended



     C.  Reserved-In-Advance – Courts 1,2,3,&4 are allowed to be reserved or scheduled 7 days

           in-advance.  Court 5 is for walk-ups ONLY.  No advance reservations allowed.  Play is

           limited to 2 hours if players are waiting.  Courts may be Reserved In Advance for the

          following purposes:


           1.   Scheduled team practice and team matches, Flex-league matches.

           2.  Make-up matches relative to team play whether it is a “Team” (Dual Meet) or “Individual

                Position” make-up match or Flex-league make-up match.

           3.  Any other advance sign-up approved by the “Tennis Committee”



II.  RESERVATIONS__________________________________________________________________


     A.  Members may make reservations for “Available Courts” within 7 days prior to the time of

           the intended use by using the “reservemycourt.com”  on-line court reservation system.


     B.  Each member may reserve one “Available Court” for two hours each day.  Play may continue

           on an “Available Court” but not on a reserve basis.


     C.  Reservations are forfeited when players are not at the court within 10 minutes after the time

           for which the court was reserved.


    D.  If after reserving an “Available Court” a member finds they cannot play during the

          scheduled time, the reserving member(s) name(s) should be removed from the

          “reservemycourt.com”  on-line reservation system so others may schedule court time.



          This does not apply to team matches, team practice, flex-league matches and special

           functions.  League court sign-up rules are under section IV. C,D & F.  This will enable the

          “Tennis Committee” and Club Members to verify that those playing on the courts are

          actually members of LBC.


III. GUESTS__________________________________________________________________________


     A.  Guests are permitted to use the courts at LBC under the following conditions:

           1.  The Club member must sign in all guests on the “Guest Sheet” before play begins.

           2.  At least one player on each court must be a Club member.

           3.  A guest fee of $3.00 for each guest will be assessed and collected from the Club member.


     B.  A guest is defined as a person, child or adult residing outside the membership area.

          Children who no longer reside at the membership home and live outside the membership

           area are guests.  Persons residing within the membership area are not permitted as guests.



IV.  TEAM PLAY______________________________________________________________________


     A.  Eligibility


           1.  LBC members in good standing may participate on approved teams.


           2. Captains should strive to form teams consisting of LBC players only.  However, in

                  order to field teams and prevent forfeitures, non-member participation is sometimes

                  needed.  The number of non-members allowed to participate on any team must be

                  considered and approved by the “Tennis Committee.”  This consideration will be done

                  on a case-by-case basis and before a roster with non-member players is submitted for

                  league play.


           3.  The number of non-members allowed on a team must be less that 50% of the minimum

                  required to field a team.


                  Example 1 – ALTA requires twelve players to field a team.  The maximum number of

                  non-member participants would be five.


                  Example 2 – USTA requires ten players to field a team.  The maximum number of

                  non-member participants would be four.


           4.  In order for an approved non-LBC member to participate on a team, the following

                  requirements must be met:


                  a)  The non-member must reside outside the membership area.


                  b)  The non-member’s name, address, telephone number and $50.00 fee (payable for

                        each season) must be submitted to the “Tennis Committee” prior to the beginning

                        of the season.


                  c)  If the non-member is an “add-on,” the items described above are required before

                       participation is allowed.


                 d)  The captain must obtain approval from his or her team before requesting that a

                       non-member be allowed to participate.




     B.  Rosters


           1.  Each captain must provide a copy of the team roster and that was submitted for league

                 play to the “Tennis Committee” prior to the beginning of the season.  Any “add-ons” to a

                 team roster must be submitted to the “Tennis Committee” as they occur.


     C.  Practice


           1.  Teams are permitted to have one scheduled team practice per week and two courts for

                  two hours, unless additional courts are approved in advance by the Tennis Coordinator.


           2.  Each team must submit to the “Tennis Committee” the day and time desired for their

                  weekly practice four weeks prior to their first match.  A schedule of all team practices

                  with court assignments will be posted on the “reservemycourt.com”  on-line court

                  reservation system. The posted schedule automatically “Reserves-In-Advance” the

                  courts to be used.


           3.  Team practices are not to be expanded to other “Available Courts” or “Reserved” by

                   members of the practicing team.  “Available Courts” should be available for general

                   sign-up without having to ask someone to vacate the court.


           4.  During the time in which two teams are practicing or when a “Two Team Home

                    Match” is in progress, Court 5 may not be used for any type of team instruction.



     D.  Matches


           1.  A copy of the team season schedule should be submitted to the “Tennis Committee”

                 within 24 hours after the Captain receives it.  A schedule of all home matches with court

                 assignments will be posted on the “reservemycourt.com”  on-line court reservation

                 system.  This posted schedule automatically “Reserves-In-Advance” the courts to be



           2.  Since league play requires at least two courts to be available at the designated starting

                 time, any play on the two courts “Reserved-In-Advance” for league play must stop in

                 order for the courts to be available for the scheduled team match.


           3.  One Team Home Match


                Three courts will be “Reserved-In-Advance” for the team match.  No other courts may

                 be used by that team during the match.



                Two Team Home Matches


                 Each team will “Reserve-In-Advance” two courts.  No other courts may be used by that

                team during the match.



                 Flex-League Home Matches


                  Flex-League players may reserve one court 7 days in advance of the match for up to

                 three hours.



     E.  Maintenance Duty


           1.  On the schedule of matches and court times, a team will be designated each week to

                consolidate trash and place it at the street for pickup.


           2. During times when the pool is not open, this duty also includes restrooms.



     F.  Make-Up Matches


            1.  “Team” Make-Up Matches


                  Three courts may be “Reserved-In-Advance” for a “Team” make-up match.  The team

                  Captain should be aware that if the match extends into previously reserved court time,

                  reserved court time has priority.  If a team reserves three courts for a “Team” Make-Up

                  Match, additional courts may not be signed up for individual position make-ups

                  relative to the same “Team” make-up match being played on the three reserved courts.

                  No other courts may be used by that team during the match.


           2.  “Individual Position” or Flex-League Make-Up Matches


                 An “Individual Position” make-up match is one where each position is responsible for

                completing their position match.  Any “Available Court” may be “Reserved-In-Advance”

                for an “Individual Position” make-up match excluding court 5.  Team captains are

                encouraged to accommodate a member who appeals to them for a court at least 24 hours

                in advance of a scheduled practice, if that member has exhausted other options to

                schedule a league (ALTA, USTA, FLEX-LEAGUE) make-up match and no courts are

                available, by relinquishing one of their two “Reserved-In-Advance” practice courts.

                These discussions should be conducted in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation.


     G.  New Teams


           1.  Before the formation of a new team, those involved must contact the “Tennis

                  Committee” regarding the availability of courts for practice and matches.



     H.  Captains’s Role


           1.  Captains serve in leadership roles and are expected to fully comply with all LBC tennis

                   rules.  Failure to do so subjects them to not being permitted to serve in the role of

                   captain for future teams representing the club unless specifically approved by the

                   tennis committee.



V.  COACHING_______________________________________________________________________


     A.  Persons who are not members may not participate in tennis instruction at LBC.  However,

            non-members approved to play on a team may participate in “Team Coaching” only.


     B.  Teaching instruction is not permitted on holidays.


     C.  For the purpose of instruction, court time may not be reserved by a member for more than

          one hour in one day except for sanctioned team practices.



VI.  DRESS___________________________________________________________________________


     A.  Tennis attire, including shirts, is to be worn on the courts at all times.  Tennis shoes are to

            be worn on the playing surfaces at all times.  NO basketball shoes, running or dark sole

            shoes, shoes with a heel or bare feet are permitted on the playing surface.





     A.  Roller skates, tricycles, bicycles, skateboards or other toys are not permitted on the courts.


     B.  Night play stops at 10:30 PM.  The last person leaving the courts is responsible for turning

           off the lights and closing the gates.


     C.  Place all trash in the cans provided.  Please help keep the courts clean.


     D.  The Tennis Committee is responsible for the conduct of tennis activities in accordance

            with the Tennis Rules and Regulations.


     E.   The Tennis Committee Chairperson may grant variances to the Tennis Rules and





VIII.  COURT COURTESY_____________________________________________________________


        When you play at Leslie Beach, please remember that basic rules of tennis etiquette.


     A.  Courteous behavior by members and visitors is expected at all times.


     B.  Keep conversation on your court at a level that will not disturb players who are playing on

          the other courts.


     C.  Close the tennis gates when you exit the court.


     D.  It is your responsibility to return all balls that roll into your court area.  If your ball rolls

           on to another court, it is the responsibility of that court to return the ball to you.  Do not go

           into another person’s court area to retrieve your ball.  Please do not walk behind a court

           when a point is in progress.  If you need to exit or enter a far court, wait until the point in

          progress is over or until players on that court have given you permission to pass.


Parents, please go over these rules with you children before they sign up for court play.