Volunteer Info

DeKalb Swim League Volunteer Job Descriptions

Age Group Bullpen Parents – (# needed is up to each team)Age Group Bullpen Parents are responsible for sending (8 & under, 10 & under) or taking (6 & under) swimmers in their assigned group to the main bullpen, the area where the swimmers are lined up for their event. Swimmers report to the Age Group Bullpen Parents 4 events ahead of their scheduled event. Bullpen Parents send the swimmers to the Bullpen Coordinator 3 events ahead of their event. Age Group Bullpen Parents are not babysitters. Parents need to supervise their younger children at the swim meets.

Bullpen Coordinator – (1 from each team) One Bullpen Coordinator is needed for each meet. The Bullpen Coordinator checks the swimmers who have already reported to the main bullpen area against the official heat sheet, gets them into the correct lane order, and sends the swimmers to the starting blocks. The Bullpen Coordinator and Bullpen Parents must stay 3 events ahead of the event that is in the water. It would be great if the same one or two people could do this job at all of the meets since the swimmers and coordinator get to know each other.

Clerk of Course/Runners – (2 or 3 from home team) One Clerk of Course is needed for each home meet. The Clerk of Course is responsible for the final check of the swimmers behind the blocks using the final heat sheet.

Finish Judge – (1 from each team) Responsible for determining the finish order of each heat. The Finish Judges compare results with each other. If they are in agreement, the finish order decision is reported to the Finish Judge Recorder who records the order on the official UK Judge’s Form. In the event of a dispute, the Starter will resolve conflicts and ties if they were able to see the end of the race.

Finish Judge Recorder – (1 from home team if your pool is 6 lanes or larger) Receives UK Finish Judge Form from Clerk of Course and records reported finish order agreed upon by Finish Judges.

Timers – (1 or 2 for each team’s own lanes) Timers are responsible for timing their own swimmers in their lanes for all events/heats. The timers record the times on the Timer’s Form.

Timing Recorder – (2 from home team/1 from away team) Responsible for picking up the UK Judge’s Form from the Finish Judge Recorder at the end of every race. Depending on the timing system available, the Timing Recorder may have to walk behind each timer and records the times from the timer’s sheets onto the UK Judge’s Form. Then Hands the UK Judge’s Form to the Computer Operator. (Note: LBC uses automatic timers.)

Caller of Computer Data – (1 from away team) Away team’s Caller reads aloud the times and official finish order decision to the home team’s Computer Operator. After each heat’s data has been entered, double checks (along with the Computer Operator) that the finish order in Hy-Tek reflects correctly the finish order on the Judge’s Form.

Computer Operator (1 from home team)Responsible for entering both team’s times and the judges’ finish order decisions for every heat. Double checks that the finish order in Hy-Tek reflects correctly the finish order on the Judges’ Form.

Ribbon Puller/Writer – (1 from each team) ** Is responsible for pulling ribbons for each heat and lane and placing the printed label on it.

Event Pole Coordinator – (1 from home team – if applicable) One or two people are needed at each home meet to flip the event number cards and event name cards on the event pole.

Home Meet Set Up and Clean Up Volunteers – (2 before meet and 2 post meet) Help post signs, set up/break down of timing equipment and computer system, helps clean up pool deck following swim meet.

Announcer – (1 from home team) Announces meet events and other important notices for the swimmers and audience members.

Concessions – (7 from home team) Assist with with concession sales, tent set up, grilling, and prepping food in advance.

Team Spirit Activities – (2 from home team) ordering and purchasing food items, delivering to the pool, and helping with mini meet activities and parties.