Welcome New Members!

Please welcome Bob and Kim Smith, and Cheryl Hanlon and Joanne Rotella, who have recently joined the club.  We’re happy to have you as new members!
Remember that there is a referral discount for referring new members to the club! 

For this year only, we have a SPECIAL REFERRAL INITIATIVE!  If you refer one new member (paid, with your name on their application form), you will receive $50 off next year’s dues, as usual.  But, if you bring TWO new members to the club, you will receive an additional $100 off next year.  And THREE new members will net you an extra $150, for a potential $300 off next year’s dues!  This is a limited time offer, so get out there and invite your friends.  See below for the first opportunity to invite new members to a club function.  
Thank you to the 66 members who have already prepaid all or part of their 2020 membership dues!  Remember that you can make payments at any time, which will be credited against the annual membership fee.  Invoices were sent by email several weeks ago.  If you have not seen yours, check spam before sending a request to re-email.